LOVE? Putting aside the fact that it is

LOVE? Putting aside the fact that it is an over-used word in today’s world, it’s beautiful. Actually, It is beyond beautiful, beyond amazing, beyond ecstatic. It makes all of us human-babies do the darnest things. It makes us sing, it makes us dance, it makes us laugh, it makes us smile, it makes us write, it makes us fight with our parents, it makes us spend our money on the littlest things that you think your monpetishu would smile to, it makes you drive all the way down to KB, Tanah Jambu, Kota Batu, Sengkurong, it makes us.. simply put, it makes us so happy.
When I’m in love, I get the fuzziest feeling inside. It makes the butterflies in my stomach fly so hard that they die. It makes me smile when I’m just about to sleep, and its why I smile the minute I awake. When I’m in love, I am cut open in the middle, and beyond exposed. I show every face and every mask I have. Every little flaw. I kantut, I cry, I piss, I o-o, I give all of me.
If you were to ask me.. What do I do best? No questions asked, I’d say.. Love. I love.. to love. I love falling inlove, I love how crazy it makes me, I love being manja, I love running to the boyfriend and just start to rant about my day, I love bitching with my significant other, I love sharing inside-jokes across the table, I love huffing-and-puffing around my room, trying to look for the nicest outfit for my date, I love thinking of what to buy for monthsaries, I love sending goodnight messages, I love waking up to goodmorning messages, I love goodnight calls, I love hollywood kisses, I love anniversaries, I love holding hands, I love kissing, I love.. love.
If you have love, cherish is, appreaciate it, don’t only hold on to it, but grasp it with both hands, and don’t let it go, don’t mess it up.

“Love yourself …

“Love yourself first. Buy your own flowers, give yourself “googly” eyes in the mirror and be your OWN biggest fan! That way should/when/if a partner comes along, they will be a compliment to your space and life, not necessity or a sense of validation.”
| Alex Elle